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The Three E's are who we are. They are our name, our mission, our identity. The first E stands for Employment. We exist thanks to the US Government EB-5 program, that us gain access to low cost capital if we can create well paying permanent jobs for US workers. Our labor philosophy goes well beyond a government benefit. A trucking company is nothing without its drivers. The trucks don't drive themselves. For far too long the industry has treated drivers as disposable. We are different. Our drivers control our valuable assets in the field. They are our chief customer relations agents. They are the most important people in our organization. Our goal is to find the best drivers, offer them higher wages than the competition, better benefits and respect. For those who share our vision and our corporate culture, E3 Cargo is the company to embark on a better form of driving career.

E3 is our DNA .

The second E is Environment. We believe that minimizing our environmental impact is the responsibility of every member of the community. This cannot be done in a way that taxes the organization, but it can be done in a way that reinforces the strength of our operations. Every gallon of fuel we avoid burning, while getting the job done, adds several dollars to the bottom line and averts 22 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere.

The third E is Earnings. Without sustainable earning we cannot succeed. Everything we do must reinforce our mission to generate sustainable profitability so we can pay our employees industry leading wages and benefit, return our investors' capital and profits, and generate wealth for ourselves.

Matt Gordon
Chief Executive Officer,
E3 Investment Group,
Parent Company of E3 Cargo

Jeff Tankersley
President, E3 Cargo